Diversity is a reality, but inclusion is a choice

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“As a gay person, I thrive in an environment that acknowledges and respects the history and heritage of the LGBTQ+ community, that has a place for my queer culture, and in which I can truly be open and proud of my unique color of the rainbow.”

Net Impact Amsterdam is celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity by sharing the work of our members who enable inclusion and dialogue

Igal Avrahami

everyone needs a seat at the table

We live in a global world, in which every day we meet people of diverse identities, cultures, and backgrounds. The only way we can solve the challenges our generation faces is by doing everything we can to make others belong so that everyone has an equal opportunity to have a seat at the table.

For the LGBTQ+ community, this means to have an environment that acknowledges our history and queer culture – an environment in which we can truly be open about ourselves and our identity, and be proud of each one’s unique color on the rainbow, without having any fear of harassment, discrimination, or even “simply” being left out. Together we are stronger. 

about igal

Igal is an activist for a more just, sustainable, and inclusive world. He recently moved to Amsterdam from Tel Aviv, Israel, where he was chairperson of Hoshen, the Israeli LGBTQ Education and Advocacy Center. Before moving to the Netherlands, he was a Corporate Responsibility consultant, who had a very special place for promoting Diversity and Inclusion within organisations. 

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