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Inclusion in the workplace only comes to life when diverse individuals feel the liberty to bring all of themselves into their work.”

– NAVA Hinrichs
senior advisor of diversity & inclusion

Net Impact Amsterdam is celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity by sharing the work of our members who enable inclusion and dialogue

Nava Hinrichs

inclusion requires a nuanced practice

A deep sense of inclusion in society is the glue that holds a community together. It enables mutual trust and nurtures the important sense of personal belonging that we all seek. While diversity can be achieved simply through representation of people from different cultures, ethnicities, neuro-diversities, genders, religions, ages, and so on, inclusion requires a more nuanced practice. Inclusive environments come to life when diverse individuals feel the liberty to bring all of who they are into their work, and are encouraged to nurture connections with their peers, while celebrating their unique ways of expression, thought, and belief. 

social cohesion and the bottom line

When inclusion is truly fostered, diversity can bring a magnitude of benefits to organisations and to society at large. Diverse and inclusive environments are not only beneficial to social cohesion, cooperation, and development, but have also been shown to be good for business. Research increasingly shows that diversity and a deep sense of inclusion enables greater innovation capabilities, unique approaches to problem solving, more cohesive and happy teams, and ultimately, higher rates of employee satisfaction and company profitability. 

when good people meet

Better Future facilitates impact driven experiential journeys across all walks of life. Our main activity is in taking executive leaders into emerging markets and connecting them with local partners, nurturing their personal leadership potential, and defining and enhancing commitments to positive impact. The beauty in this work is that we get to witness positive transformation of people right before our eyes.

In addition, we work with companies on purpose-driven strategy development, and on creating more diverse and inclusive business ecosystems. This work includes female leadership programs and refugee labour market integration initiatives. For example, we are a partner of Women United, which facilitates leadership and empowerment journeys that bring together women from across cultures and areas of expertise to nurture their sense of purpose, strength, and camaraderie. This program showcases the power of women leadership and how inclusion, when done with a whole heart, can change the world.

more about nava

Nava has an extensive background in driving social justice and enabling the holistic inclusion of people. Prior to her current role at Better Future, she was an Executive Board Member and Managing Director of The Hague Process on Refugees and Migration, was a Guest Lecturer at Maastricht University, teaching International Migration Law, Regional Approaches to Human Rights law, and Human Rights and Human Trafficking, and was a legal advisor for unaccompanied minors in Cairo, Egypt, representing asylum seekers at the UNHCR Cairo Regional Office. Nava has Iranian-German heritage and she lives in The Hague.

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When good people meet, good things will follow. That is how Better Future started in 2003 and how it continues to work today. To date, Better Future has organised and delivered 500+ leadership journeys in over 50 countries across the world, advanced 1000+ projects, enterprises and initiatives worldwide, and helped 100+ companies to find, embrace and activate their purpose. Better Future is certified B-corp, which means they balance purpose and profit, using business as a force for good.