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Net Impact Amsterdam supports an ecosystem of organisations that help our members to pursue greater impact through their careers. Impaakt is one of these.

As the impact investing industry continues to expand and evolve at unprecedented rates, new data and perspectives are required to understand companies’ net impact (i.e., a holistic view of negative and positive impacts).

Impaakt is an impact data provider, which has a unique crowd-sourcing model that pools insights of Certified Impact Analysts from across the globe. To support this model, Impaakt is seeking freelance analysts who are motivated to do good for the planet and society. To become a freelance Impact Analyst and to support Impaakt’s data sourcing, analysts are required to successfully obtain their training certification which ensures they can effectively write impact analyses. 

Impaakt’s Certified Impact Analyst training and freelance assignments are excellent opportunities to empower Net Impact Amsterdam members in their career development and to hold companies to account for their impact performance. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll learn the in’s and out’s of company impact analysis and what it takes for companies to demonstrate real long-term commitment to sustainability outcomes.
  2. You’ll get to directly apply this skillset in a freelance remote setting. Impaakt pays its certified analysts €30 per completed and published analysis, or this money can also be donated to a charity of your choice. This concrete experience is often what our members are looking for.
  3. It’s free of charge to enroll and complete the Certified Impact Analyst training programme. You can do that here.

Impaakt’s Certified Analyst training teaches you important skills that can help you to stand out in a rapidly changing labour market.

The training will teach you to…
  • Understand the central role of business in tackling social and environmental challenges and understanding how we can do better.
  • Learn how to assess the impact of businesses on sustainability and the SDGs.
  • Master the art of writing a successful impact analysis to hold companies accountable.
  • Obtain a clear view on the many forms and dimensions that impact can take, and the current measurement space.
  • Become proficient in assessing the depth, breadth and persistence of these impacts.
  • Acquire a robust framework to structure your impact analysis.
  • Articulate and summarise the analysis in the most concise and efficient way.
About Impaakt

Impaakt is a crowd-sourced, impact measurement platform based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Impaakt platform is a place where you can access thousands of impact analyses in order to read, participate by rating, and writing about the impact of businesses on our world. Impaakt produces impact scores for companies across the globe that illustrates how positive or negative their impact is on our society and the environment. 

“The idea was to create a collaborative platform where it’s not only one single expert, somewhere in Amsterdam, Geneva, New York or Tokyo that is deciding the impact of Toyota or Nestlé. But it’s thousands of brains that come together, each of them sharing a big part of the information, and creating a mechanism that is able to combine all of that information in a structured and organised way.”

Bertrand Gacon, CEO of Impaakt
To be a successful freelance impact analyst you will…
  • Obtain the Impact Analyst Certification (training programme hosted online by Impaakt).
  • Read and rate existing analyses.
  • Contribute to the platform via nuanced analyses where as a Certified Impact Analyst, you are adding value by explaining how each measures or action by a company contributed the outcome of the impact and what potential limits and flaws remain to be addressed.
  • Gathering relevant information from different sources to affectively synthesise the information, putting them in perspective, that helps the reader better understand what is really taking place. 
How to get started?

Simply sign-up to Impaakt’s Certified Impact Analyst Training programme here. The Impaakt team will reach out should they have questions with your subscription.


Watch our interview with Impaakt CEO and Founder, Bertrand Gacon. He discusses the Impaakt concept, and shares why feels Net Impact Amsterdam members are the perfect fit for getting involved in the initiative.

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