Nearly half of all human beings are directly dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. However, biodiversity is in severe decline due to a combination of conflicting private and public interests, incoherent policy and governance, and insufficient financing.

Onno van den Heuvel presents how BIOFIN works with countries to develop Biodiversity Finance Plans which identify and prioritise a mix of suitable biodiversity finance solutions to reduce the biodiversity finance gap.

BIOFIN is a UNDP-managed programme that supports countries with a methodology to measure biodiversity expenditures, assess financial needs, identify suitable solutions, and implement these to achieve national biodiversity targets. We discuss:

  • Overview of biodiversity challenges
  • Why it is an investment priority
  • BIOFIN’s approach to developing country-specific plans
  • Case studies of biodiversity finance solutions in action

This session will be kindly hosted by Camille Simm of Phenix Capital.