This ‘Impact From Home’ features Felipe Villela, CCO and Co-founder of reNature. reNature believes that nature and agriculture can cooperate instead of compete and that farmers and local communities across the globe deserves a long-term profitable future.

That’s why they focus on Regenerative Agroforestry. But what exactly does that mean? Regenerative agroforestry is an agricultural system that its designed to ensure farmers with: food security, economic resilience and input self-sufficiency. This design creates several benefits for farmers and communities. Environmental impact: increase in soil carbon, biodiversity, water storage and forests preservation. Social impact: food security and sovereignty, next gen farmers motivation, rural development and women empowerment. Economic impact: less external input costs, different income streams due to diversification as well as potentially yield increase.

reNature builds model farms and model schools on all scales and all around the globe. They are making regenerative agroforestry mainstream.