Explore our community’s insights on areas such sustainable finance and impact investing, energy and climate, nature and agriculture, data and technology.

Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing

  • Accelerating Bio-based Materials in Real Estate: Key Insights from an Informative Event
    Summary from event held in Triodos on June 29, 2023 Net Impact Amsterdam organized a thought-provoking evening dedicated to exploring the potential of bio-based materials as a solution in the real estate sector. The event encompassed a range of activities, including a tour of the Triodos office, renowned as one […]
  • Institutional approach to impact investing
    We explore how institutional investors approach impact investing, including due diligence, manager selection, market scoping and impact measurement and management (IMM). Featuring Arnau Gil, Senior Associate at Phenix Capital.
  • The impact start-up and VC landscape
    Matteo Renoldi, Impact and Energy Specialist at, presents insights from his latest work in building an impact-centric startup database to connect investors, corporates and governments with high-impact startups.
  • ESG in private equity
    We spoke with Femke Markus and Marieke Boudeling of MJ Hudson Spring to explore how private equity can use its power and influence to drive positive ESG performance across portfolio companies.

Natural Capital and Regenerative Agriculture

  • What is salt water farming?
    As climate change is causing sea levels to rise, salty water is expected to more often breach into agriculture lands, and, in most cases, render the soil useless for growing “traditional” crops. Saline agriculture is a solution to this growing problem.
  • Carbon offsets and climate neutrality claims
    Insights from carbon policy expert, Adriaan Korthuis, Co-Founder and Director of Climate Focus. We discuss the in’s and out’s of carbon credits and offsetting, cap and trade schemes, and other systems to structurally manage carbon emissions.
  • Biodiversity finance
    Onno van den Heuvel presents how BIOFIN (UNEP-FI) works with countries to develop Biodiversity Finance Plans which identify and prioritise a mix of suitable finance solutions to reduce the finance gap.
  • Sustainable supply chains
    Building a business that puts sustainability at the absolute centre (Mother Nature is the company’s board appointed CEO) takes hard work, determination and a vision for a different future. Featuring Brad Vanstone, Founder of Willicroft.
  • Regenerative agroforestry
    reNature believes that nature and agriculture can cooperate instead of compete and that farmers and local communities across the globe deserves a long-term profitable future. Featuring Felipe Villela, CCO and Co-founder of reNature.
  • Climate adaptation finance
    The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) is a blended finance solution that enables private sector investment in projects aimed at climate adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.

Energy, Data and Technology

  • NL’s Net zero carbon real estate plans
    Martin Mooij, Head of Certifications at the Dutch Green Building Council shared the DGBC’s plans for reaching a net-zero sector by 2050 as aligned with the World Green Building Council’s target.
  • EU energy markets and renewable power
    . We explore how short-term power markets operate in the EU, how renewable power sources are traded on the energy markets, how to overcome challenges to the electricity grid, and what is needed to scale solutions to unlock the potential of renewable power in Europe. Features Trisha Paul, energy market analyst at Northpool.
  • Technological Inclusion
    The World Benchmark Alliance shares insights from its research on digital inclusion. We examine critical issues such as accessibility and affordability.
  • Data powering cleaner energy
    How can tech empowers people and organisations to understand and reduce their carbon footprint? Featuring Olivier Corradi, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow and electricityMap.
  • Intro to the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM)
    Rik Recourt Associate at GRESB and consortium member of the carbon risk real estate monitor (CRREM) Project Rik introduces the CRREM project’s mission, goals, and use cases for the real estate sector, including its potential to be used as a capital planning tool for retrofits to achieve Paris Alignment. He […]
  • Energy transition risks to the real estate sector
    We explore the goals, mechanisms, and strategies that leading investors are taking to align their real estate portfolios with the Paris Agreement, including affordability, energy labeling schemes, and ‘sticks’ that legislators are using to drive change.

Social Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Human rights in fashion
    We discuss sustainable fashion through a social lens with the Fair Wear Foundation. We explore their supply chain approach to transition the garment industry to a new normal – where the industry supports workers in realising rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment.
  • Migration and refugee policies
    We spoke with Nava Hinrichs, Director of Executive Education and Capacity Building in Migration at the UNU-MERIT. She explores different types of migrants (from a legal perspective) as well as criteria for asylum seekers to obtain refugee status.
  • Workplace DEI
    In this interview, Vivian Acquah, a renowned workplace wellness advocate and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expert, discusses the lasting benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce, as well as our responsibility to not only advocate for, but to act on inclusivity.
  • The ins and outs of fast fashion
    The world is going through an unprecedented transition. Consumer behavior is rapidly shifting, and transparency and accountability are becoming fundamental parts of companies’ license to operate. Driven by this new world order, we are seeing an increasing demand for more sustainably sourced fashion.
  • Enabling refugee integration through technology
    “At Skilllab, we believe that everyone has the right to contribute to society and that information technology can play a key role to addressing this market failure.” – Ulrich scharf, founder of skilllab Ulrich Scharf, Founder of Skilllab Using AI to integrate refugees into local job markets Only one in […]
  • Impact in the Red Light District
    Net Impact Amsterdam partnered with 1012, Inc. to tour social impact investments in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. 1012, Inc., is a cohort of permanent capital from the social housing corporation Stadgenoot, the Gemeente Amsterdam, BPL Pension and Stichting Rabobank Pensioenfonds. They buy and manage real estate in the neighborhood to […]