This ‘Impact From Home’ episode features Matteo Renoldi, Impact and Energy Specialist at and Net Impact Amsterdam member. Matteo presents insights from his latest work in building an impact-centric startup database to connect investors, corporates and governments with high-impact startups. As the impact investment trend grows, so does the need for high-quality data and databases to help capital providers spot the most promising impact-led companies in search of investment.’s work in this space is some of the most impressive in the industry, and we are excited to have Matteo share his experiences and perspectives. This session covers:

  • The impact startup landscape
  • Impact and SDG information and metrics used to qualify companies for the database
  • Insights from the VC and private equity investor community (what are the looking for in an impact investment company, and how do they use the database)
  • Challenges in structuring the data for practical use is the foremost data provider on startups, growth companies and tech ecosystems in Europe and around the globe. Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, now work with many of the world’s most prominent investors, entrepreneurs and government organizations to provide transparency, analysis and insights on venture capital activity. Its mission is to accelerate entrepreneurship & innovation through data for governments, corporates and VCs, founders.